The Architecture Archives preserves collections related to architecture, landscape architecture, design, construction, and planning. The collections primarily are focused on design in Florida and the Caribbean, with an emphasis in two significant areas: the City of St. Augustine and Mid-Century Modern. The collections support scholarly research, education, and historic preservation.

You can search and browse guides to the collections. In addition, some of our collections are listed below.

Architecture Archives Digital Collection

The UF Digital Collections (UFDC) provides access to digital reproductions of selected drawings, photos, and other materials in the extensive collections of the Architecture Archives.

Architecture Educational Collection, 1930-2010. This collection of architectural drawings was assembled to support education and research needs at UF. Many of the designs and plans were created or collected as part of the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) in the 1960s and 1970s. Numerous cities and counties in Florida are well represented, including St. Augustine, Pensacola, Key West, Tampa, etc. The drawings represent a large number of architects and firms, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Rudolph, Alfred Browning Parker, Hershel Shepard, and many others. Ms Group 273.

William Bauer. Collection of Architectural Drawings Relating to Jacksonville, circa 1935-1950. The collection contains 77 architectural drawings of Bungalow-style houses submitted to Telfair Stockton and Co., Inc., in the late 1930s by four architects: Victor Earl Mark, Ivan H. Smith, Clyde Eugene Harris, and the firm of Hopkins and Huddleston Architects. Telfair Stockton and Co .was developing the Avondale district of Jacksonville according to the specifications of the Federal Housing Administration. MSS 0377.

Robert C. Broward. Collection, 1932-2018. Personal papers, correspondence, awards, office records, project files, photographs, slides, drawings, presentation boards, models, and magazine and journal articles belonging to distinguished Jacksonville, Florida architect and author, Robert C. Broward, who through the course of his 61 year professional career designed more than 500 projects. 56.25 linear feet. MSS 0512.

Phil Emmer. Papers, 1941-2014. Contains records detailing Emmer’s work in housing development, his philanthropy, and his public service. This includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, articles, speeches and statements, brochures and flyers, and certificates. MSS 0363.

EDSA, Inc. Records, 1965-2008. The records date from 1965 to 2008 and primarily contain project proposals, files, and drawings (including photo negatives and microfilm) produced by Edward D. Stone & Associates, or EDSA, a landscape architecture firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has offices located throughout the world and is renowned for its expertise in designing for recreation-based communities and resorts. MSS 0464.

Gainesville Modern, Inc. Archives, 1932-1958. Comprised of architectural drawings collected by Gainesville Modern. The collection includes sets of drawings for four residences, dating from 1932-1958. Some of the drawings are reproductions of original drawings, and all of the drawings have been digitized. MSS 0383.

Sanford Goldman. Papers, 1949-2019. Contains primarily digital photographs of Goldman’s architectural projects (some digital photographs of drawings are also included), architectural drawings of Goldman’s projects, including his early class projects and internship with Frank Lloyd Wright. MSS 0584.

Roy Graham. Photographs and Publications, 1966-2010. Architecture slides used by Roy E. Graham in his Historic Preservation courses at the University of Florida as well as for other various projects he worked on in his career. Note that many of the countries and states listed in the inventory are further broken down into specific cities and/or building sites. Also includes some of his writings and publications. MSS 0501.

Jefferson M. Hamilton Architectural Drawings and Photographs, 1926-1947. Plans, renderings, and photographs related to the architecture of Hamilton in Tampa, Florida. 1 box. Ms Group 185.

Mark G. Hampton Papers, 1923-2016. Architectural drawings, project files, project photos, and materials relating to Hampton’s life and career such as news clippings, videos, and memorabilia. The collection spans 1923 to 2016, but the bulk of the materials relate to his professional career and date from 1950 to 2004. 16.5 linear feet. MSS 0376

Marilyn Staton Hapsis-Hugo Design Collection, 1956-2009 (bulk: 1956-1986). Designs and a small number of photographs documenting the design work of Hapsis-Hugo for Albert Hugo Associates, as well as freelance and student work. Ms Group 286.

Hotel Ponce de Leon (St. Augustine). Architectural drawings, blueprints and related material for the Hotel Ponce de Leon (now Ponce de Leon Hall at Flagler College) in St. Augustine, Florida. The hotel was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm for Henry M. Flagler. The collection also includes items related to other buildings constructed and operated by Henry M. Flagler and the East Coast Hotel Company.

John Howey’s Sarasota School of Architecture Collection, 1926-2001. Photographs, drawings, models and research materials collected or created by John Howey during the creation of the book and exhibition entitled, The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941-1966. The materials pertain to the numerous modern architects working in Sarasota, Florida, during that period: Carl Abbott, Bert Brosmith, Joseph Farrell, Mark Hampton, Philip Hiss, Gene Leedy, Victor Lundy, Paul Rudolph, William Rupp, Tim Seibert, Frank Folsom Smith, Ralph Twitchell, Jack West and Ralph and William Zimmerman, among others. Ms Group 274.

Alain J. Huin. Papers, 1965-2008. Design sketches, drawings, blueprints, collection presentations, scrapbooks, photographs, trade and retail catalogs, and other papers of Huin, who worked for over 40 years in the design industry where he created designs for major furniture manufacturers such as Johnston Casuals, Comfort Designs, and Ethan Allen. 10.6 linear feet. MSS 0436.

Gene Leedy. Papers, 1920-2008. The papers include photographs, slides and negatives, rolled drawings, scrapbooks, and models from Leedy’s architectural projects and are organized into five series. MSS 0556.

Memorial Presbyterian Church (St. Augustine). Architectural drawings and blueprints for the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. The church was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm for Henry M. Flagler.

Harry Merritt. Papers, 1929-2016. Include design commissions and student studio projects taught by Harry Cline Merritt Jr. This collection, which dates from 1954 to 2015, consists of originals and copies of architectural drawings, sketches, photographs, and correspondence, evidencing the prolific design and instructional influence of Merritt as a practicing architect and professor of architecture while at the University of Florida. MSS 043`1.

William N. Morgan. Collection, 1934-2016. Personal papers, professional papers, awards, faculty papers, office records, project files, photographs, slides, drawings, presentation boards, models, digital media, and magazine and journal articles belonging to distinguished Jacksonville, Florida architect, historian, author, and scholar William N. Morgan. 76.3 ln. ft. MSS 0492.

Rufus Nims. Architectural Drawings, 1950-1992. Nims is best known for his work with the Howard Johnson hotels and restaurants and his residential work in South Florida and the Caribbean. Includes plans for residences and buildings in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Costa Rica, and several countries in the Caribbean. 19 ln. ft. MS Group 177.

Edward T. Potter, FAIA Architectural drawings, ca. early 1870s. Watercolor and pen and ink drawings of Potter’s design for St. John’s Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 15 items. Ms Group 186.

Hal Reid. Papers, 1960-2010. Photos, drawings, brochures, articles, and documents from the projects of Ocala based architect Hal Thomas Reid and his company Hal Thomas Reid Associates. MSS 0603.

Edward J. Seibert. Papers, 1956-2010. Contain architectural drawings, photographs, project records, and other papers of architect and influential member of the Sarasota “School of Architecture”, Edward J. Seibert. 1.24 Linear Feet (5 Boxes). MSS 0433.

Herschel E. Shepard. Papers, 1961-2009. Collection documenting Shepard’s expertise in Florida’s historic architecture and his many contributions to historic preservation and restoration in the state. Shepard’s work covers the entire range of Florida’s architectural past, including restoration of landmark buildings such as the 1902 Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee and reconstruction of such historically significant sites as the Second Seminole War era Fort Foster and the Spanish mission site of San Luis de Apalachee. Included in the collection are project files, drawings, photographs, architectural and historic preservation committee files, records from the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (HSAPB), artifacts, and audiovisual material. 125.41 Linear feet. MSS 0417.

John Ormsbee Simonds, FASLA. Collection, 1912-2005. Drawings, project files, correspondence, writings, speeches, and other papers of landscape architect and planner John Ormsbee Simonds. Ms Group 50.

Albert J. Socol. Papers, 1976-1999. Includes architectural drawings, photographs, floor plans, and other material concerning architectural projects completed by Socol. Significant projects featured include the Royal Bank of Canada, the Courthouse Center, and Kislak Corporate Headquarters in Miami, FL. Also included is biographical information. MSS 0435.

Earl M. Starnes. Papers, 1956-2009. Papers primarily include books, articles, papers, and research planning material created during his time working for the state government and University of Florida. Also included is material related to his various consulting projects in Florida and the Caribbean, photographs from his early private architectural practice, general correspondence, and Starnes’ master’s thesis and dissertation work. MSS 0379.

Frederic Stresau. Landscape Architecture Drawings, 1954-2002. Contain an estimated 3,232 drawings spanning Stresau’s entire career from the 1950s-1980s. MSS 0612.

Wallis Baker Associates. Thomas H. Wallis, Jr. and William H. Baker Landscape Architecture Collection, 1961-2009. Plans, photographs, project manuals, and miscellaneous materials created by the landscape architecture firm Wallis Baker Associates and its principals. MS Group 285.

Related Collections

In addition to the collections of the Architecture Archives, the Department of Special & Area Studies Collections manages a number of collections relating to architecture, design, planning, and development.

Turpin Chambers Bannister. Papers, 1939-1982. Bannister (1904?-1982) was a leading architectural historian in the mid-20th Century, the first president of the Society of Architectural Historians, and a professor of architecture at the University of Illinois and the University of Florida.

John M. DeGrove. Papers, 1937-2007. Documents DeGrove’s career in growth management, urban government and politics, planning, public administration, and land management. The collection includes correspondence and publications documenting DeGrove’s activities with various groups, such as the 1000 Friends of Florida. Several files relate to his 2005 book, Planning Policy and Politics: Smart Growth and the States. There are also several articles, books, and book chapters written by DeGrove. There are a few files pertaining to the FAU/FIU Joint Center for Environmental and Urban Problems, but most of the files generated during DeGrove’s service as director of the Joint Center are not included in this collection. Similarly, there are only a few files pertaining to his tenure as a faculty member at FAU and his service as Secretary for the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

Phil Emmer. Papers, 1941-2014. Contains records detailing Phil Emmer’s work in housing development, and the collection focuses on the philanthropy and public service of Emmer and also demonstrates the effect of these guiding principles on shaping his career in housing development. Of research interest outside of Emmer himself, this collection holds documentation about Lincoln Estates, a low-income housing development in east Gainesville that made significant advancements in housing for African Americans in the 1960s. Other records regarding low-income housing are found throughout the collection..

Guy Chandler Fulton. Papers and plans, circa 1930-1948. Fulton was the State of Florida Architect to the Board of Control from 1945 until 1956. In this position he had the responsibility both designing and supervising the construction of buildings at state education institutions during the post-World War II boom. This collection includes plans for private residences and commercial buildings in Florida. See also the Building Program Records of the Architect for the Board of Control, part of the University of Florida Archives.

F. Blair Reeves, FAIA. Papers, 1960-1995. Reeves was a professor of architecture at the University of Florida from 1949 to 1987, and he was a leader in historical architectural preservation both in teaching and in professional organizations. The collection includes his significant work with the Historic American Building Survey (HABS).

Rudolph Weaver, FAIA. Architectural records, circa 1920-1940. Weaver was the State of Florida Architect to the Florida Board of Control as well as the first director of the School of Architecture at the University of Florida. Includes technical drawings, plans, photographs, and sketches of academic buildings, private residences and commercial structures. See also the Building Program Records of the Architect for the Board of Control, part of the University of Florida Archives.

Unprocessed Collections

These collections have been acquired by the Architecture Archives, but the processing of the materials has not been completed. Once all preservation, arrangement and description activities are finished, guides to the collections will be made available online. In the meantime, Archives personnel can answer questions related to these holdings.

  • Brame Heck Architects
  • Alfred Browning Parker
  • Kenneth Treister (Selected materials are available in the UF Digital Collections)
  • Darrel Fleeger
  • Jonathon Seymour
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings for the University of Florida Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity House.

For further information about the Architecture Archives, please contact: John Nemmers, Archivist in the Department of Special and Area Studies Collections.